Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Animal Earrings | Cute Monkey Earrings

These adorable little monkey earrings are made out of painted 3-D resin charms. They are really heavy duty and you won't have to worry about them breaking, but at the same time they are small and light weight! Perfect animal earrings for any age!!!

These monkeys are adorned with sterling silver components.

If you need a necklace as well just send me an etsy convo; these can be easily changed to necklaces!


If for any reason you would like me to change ANYTHING on an item (such as different types of earring hooks, different metals, etc) send me a convo and I can switch just about anything. Below are the prices for changes on earrings...

Earrings Change Options:
Gold Plated- Free
Silver Plated Clip ons- Free
Sterling Silver Posts- Free
14k Gold- $3.00 extra per pair
Sterling Lever Backs- $3.00 extra per pair

(please add any animal earring change requests in the comments after you order; I will then send you an invoice via paypal; these changes may take a several days)

Necklaces: I can make a sterling silver beaded necklaces out of just about any pair of earrings. I also can make them silver plated (which is a lot more inexpensive). Just ask if you would like something special.

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