Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beaded Jewelry | Hooray Silver Earrings

This is the time of the year when people begin to stock up on birthday gifts and get an early start on Christmas gifts. This year, buy something unique for your loved one. Get your loved one some silver jewelry or earrings. My silver earrings are a fantastic gift because they are a super low price and a super high quality. Plus you will get to experience the joy when you give her something that is 100% unique. A great unique option is this Fire Sterling Silver Agate Earring and Necklace Set. No one will have a set of jewelry like this:

If this is not your style check out my handmade animal earrings! They are sure to put a smile on her face :).

Beaded Jewelry | Time for Summer and Animal Earrings

Yep that is right! Summer is approaching so that means you need to stock up on some adorable handmade animal earrings, beaded jewelry. If you haven't stopped by my etsy store yet you need to stop by and check out these adorable sterling silver animal earrings. Here are some that I have ready for purchase at

Crab earrings:

Pig earrings:

Panda earrings:

Owl earrings:

Lobster earrings:

Blow Fish Earrings:

Glow in the Dark Sheep Earrings:

Goldfish earrings:

Elephant earrings:

Cow earrings:

Ninja cat earrings:

Nemo earrings:

Glow in the Dark Monkey earrings:

Stop in to my shop to checkout all the rest of my handmade beaded jewelry items.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Etsy Owls Trunk Show

The Etsy Owls are having an online Trunk Show on August 19, 2009! We will be giving away TONS of free prizes and will be selling amazing products made by talented handmade designers, including handmade beaded jewelry, art, crochet and knitted items, and much more. Please stop by our informational webpage to get more information. If you have any questions please feel free to post in the comments and I will answer them.