Monday, June 29, 2009

IckyDog Blows My Mind...and Scares Me a Little!

IckyDogCreations is an amazing Etsy seller that creates these incredible scary handmade stuffies. Her items are one of a kind! Where else can you find a plague rat, soul suckers, walrus', and ferrets?

Stuffies are not her only specialty! She has an amazing talent of taking watch pieces and turning them into sculptures. Check out these amazing pieces of art!

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Friday, June 19, 2009

EtsyOwls Contest!

Hi everyone, I entered the EtsyOwls June Sunny Summer Challenge. The challenge was to take the colors of the sun and make something wonderful. I decided to make a mosaic. It's the first mosaic I have ever made and it turned out wonderfully! I used all upcycled plates as my tiles. I had a bunch of broken plates laying around my house and decided to use them in this work of art. I was so shocked how great it turned out. Anywhoo, I need your vote! Voting ends this monday. Please VOTE FOR ME(haha!).

Here is my mosaic! Please vote :).

If you really really love this piece you can purchase it and my other beaded jewelry at my Etsy Shop!

Monday, June 15, 2009


I just entered Etsy's Commercial contest. Part of the contest is judged on how many people you can get to view it. Please come by and watch my movie and if you want please rate it :). Thanks in advance! View it at Sorry the contest is over.

Holly's Product Suggestions - Blackcatmima

I LOVE shopping...especially on Etsy. I always find a million adorable shops with the coolest handmade crafts. This week I have really taken a liking to Blackcatmima. Her store is filled with these ADORABLE vintage hairpins, felt brooches, and much more. I am in love with her style! I wear my hair up all the time, and let's be honest it bores me most days. But if I put a few of her hair pins in I feel much more lovely and not so boring. Here are a few of adorable products.

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

YART SALE - $4 Sterling Silver Earrings SALE SALE SALE

These are the lowest prices you will ever see in my shop! From 6/9 - 6/14 I am having a crazy big sale. In my Yart Sale section I have lots of $4 sterling silver earrings and lots of other items that up to 50% off (prices are already marked). Check it out. I will not be making more of these styles. Once these handmade earrings are gone they are gone.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wholesale Beaded Jewelry

I just wanted to re-mention that I offer wholesale prices on my handmade beaded jewelry. There are some items that are completely unique and are unavailable for wholesale prices, however, most of the items in my shop is available for wholesale orders. Here are just a few you might be interested in:

Green Tornado Earrings:

These are just a few samples of the handmade wholesale beaded jewelry that I offer. I also offer most of my handmade beaded animal earrings too!

Please feel free to contact me for prices and minimum quantity information for all my beaded jewelry wholesale items. Thanks.