Friday, July 25, 2008

New Fishies!

I just got some new fish! YAY. They are so cute. Here are some pictures.

New Gifts for the Fellas + FREE SHIPPING!

I sure have noticed it is super hard to find some creative handmade gifts for the fellas. So, in response to this shortage I decided to make my version of funny gifts for them! I created these super fun, and a bit geeky chic, custom handmade sweatbands and armbands. Of course, you may request any type of theme you would like. Here are some of the ones I have already finished.

Here are a few for the ladies!!!!

To add to the awesomeness I'm having a FREE SHIPPING (Worldwide) Sale until August 3rd. So hurry on in and get these today!!!!

For more Designs and to Buy go to§ion_id=5270614

Sunday, July 20, 2008

FREE! FREE! Giveaway from Etsy Seller Sierrapelonacrochet

This weeks giveaway is from Etsy seller She is giving away this really adorable crochet chocolate cake!!!! Ohh chocolate!!!

The rules are simple. Sierrapelonacrochet has donated this adorable handmade chocolate cake. In order to win this fantastic prize you will need to visit Sierrapelonacrochet’s Etsy store,, and pick out your favorite item. Then you must come back to this post and comment on said item! That’s it!

This contest will last exactly 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks I will put all the entries into a hat and have my husband draw out a name. That person will receive the cute chocolate cake!!!!!

You better hurry this contest will end on August 3rd at 11:00 AM Central Time.

Also, when entering please add in a way for me to contact you :). Thanks!!!!

Winner of the Panda Bibs is....

Congratulations to Natalie - nkp designs. She has won 2 adorable panda bibs from I will be starting a new giveaway today in just a few minutes! Please enter! Thanks to everyone who entered and a special thanks to

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The EtsyOWLS Team Sale: Save an OWL

Discounts on Shipping and a Good Cause!

Save Gas with First Class - For the EtsyOwls Team Sale I'm offering FREE FIRST CLASS SHIPPING. Now you have no reason not to buy these wonderful gifts! This sale lasts from 7/21 - 8/3. Each member of the Owls are offereing different discounts on items. Please check out the list below to see all of the participating shops.

Check out my shop to save on Shipping!

Help the OWLS save some Owls!

Not only are we each offering a great shipping deal and possibly more, but our team shop at OfftheWall is hosting a charity event!

For the two weeks of the team sale, any item purchased at OfftheWall will donate 75% of it's proceeds to The Owl Foundation in Canada. This charity provides a stable rehabilitation to release center for injured or orphaned owls. They also provide surrogate parents to orphans to teach them how to accurately hunt for food and to survive in the wild.

Thanks so much for checking us out during our team sale! We love having all of your support!

Here is a list of all the team members participating in the sale!

Check out the Participating OWLS

Check this owl out at Holly's Designs

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Stocking Stuffers!

Since I hear a lot of people are starting their Christmas Shopping around this time I went ahead and starting adding some stocking stuffers!!! Everything in my stocking stuffer category will be $5, and perfect to add on to your regular order. Here is my first one!

Isn't he SOOOO CUTE? I will be creating cell phone charm versions of all of my most popular animal earrings. So now everyone can enjoy them and not just people with their ears pierced.

Just remember I will be listing at least one a week, and you can check them out in my Stocking Stuffer Section!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

FREE! FREE! Giveaway from Etsy Seller CherryLaneJane

CherryLaneJane is an amazing Etsy seller that sells the CUTEST baby items EVER! You have to check out her store its crazy cute!

This is my first ever giveaway contest. The rules are simple. CherryLaneJane donated these adorable Pink and Blue Polka Dot Panda Baby Bibs.

In order to win this fantastic prize you will need to visit CherryLaneJane’s Etsy store,, and pick out your favorite item. Then you must come back to this post and comment on said item! That’s it!

This contest will last exactly 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks I will put all the entries into a hat and have my husband draw out a name. That person will receive BOTH the Pink and Blue Panda Bibs!!!!!

Don’t have a baby? Just think of this as a great way to get some good gifts for upcoming holidays and events!!!! You can never have enough free stuff!

You better hurry this contest will end on July 20th at 11:00 AM Central Time.

Oh Happy Day!

If anyone really knows me well they know I DO NOT have a green thumb! My whole life I have tried growing beautiful flowers, but they always died within a few days. This past spring my mother-in-law took me under her wing and showed me all the planting secrets. She helped me redo my flower beds at my old house (I was selling at the time). So, after her lesson I felt confident to try again, so last weekend I attempted to plant my very own flower bed (at my new house).

To my surprise I awoke this morning with a wonderful surprise. One of my lilies actually bloomed! I was am so excited, so of course I ran right out to take a picture!!!!

And the lily wasn't the only one, another one of my plants actually bloomed too!!!!

What a great day! All of my plants survived and some bloomed!!! I feel so accomplished!

If you would like to see more pictures of my pretty plants you can check them out on Flickr! Here is the link :).

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Kaboogie Shows Us Her Booth

Given I have been writing about craft show booths Kaboogie (a wonderful seller on Etsy) was kind enough to send in some of her pictures. Even though she has only done 2 craft shows her booth looks fab! I believe Kaboogie can teach us all a lot on how to make your booth really shine, and how best to feature Boogie shoes and Mocs.

You can find Kaboogie at . Here are some pictures of her wonderfully displayed items at a craft show!

If you get a chance stop by Kaboogie's shop because she has ADORABLE little shoeseys for kids! This pair is one of my favorites.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How Do You Find the Right Display?

Sorry that I did not get to post much today. Surprisingly, I was able to do a farmers market. I did not think I would get my displays on time, but alas they made it! So I had only 2 hours to get ready for the event! I finished right on schedule.

This is another post for a newbie craft fair crafter. Most people have no idea how to display their items. You can spend a lot of money or you can spend a little. The more money you spend the more creative you can make your displays, but I have found that by the time you have purchased everything you need for just one show you have spent a TON. I like to get my jewelry displays from They have affordable acrylic or metal rotating stands. My favorite is the Revolving Earring Rack (48prs).

It is tall and skinny, and I think allows you to display just enough pieces. I for one do not like the displays that hold a million earrings. I think its too much for the eye to take in all at once. If you get the taller skinnier displays you will be able to organize like items or prices more easily.

However, if you need a more crafty approach handmade artisans on Etsy have some really great alternatives. Here is one of my favorites.

This custom piece is made by
If that one is a little too pricy for you Etsy have more afforable and still really creative stands. Here is another one that is really neat.

You can find this stand at