Monday, October 29, 2007

Romatic Drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway

This weekend Chris and I took a LONG drive looking at the fall leaves. We were gone all day, but we got some great pics. Here they are

Chris and I face off for a Pumpkin Carving Contest

Here are the results!

We determined it was a tie :).

Monday, January 08, 2007

Candle Creations - Jewelry for Your Candles These Make AWESOME Gifts

I just started making these Candle Jewels. They made a really nice gift. These act as jewelry for your candles!!!! When you light your candle the light reflects off all the faceted glass and shimmers really nicely. Don't just give someone a plain candle, make sure it has on it's jewelry first! All my jewels are handmade and are sure to last for a very long time. This makes any normal candle unique.

For your one of a kind creation feel free to email me at or contact me through my Etsy store Thanks for checking out my Handmade Beaded Jewelry.

ADORABLE Plush Pins - Penguins and Elephants

Here are some plushie pins I made over the weekend. They are really cute. I'm going to keep making them!!! Keep an eye out more are coming.

These little pins would look fantastic on a polo shirt, purse, blazer, jacket, backpack, or anywhere else you can think to pin him. They are hand-sewn from felt and cotton fabric and stuffed a little to give it dimension. A Goldtone pinback is securely stitched.