Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How Do You Find the Right Display?

Sorry that I did not get to post much today. Surprisingly, I was able to do a farmers market. I did not think I would get my displays on time, but alas they made it! So I had only 2 hours to get ready for the event! I finished right on schedule.

This is another post for a newbie craft fair crafter. Most people have no idea how to display their items. You can spend a lot of money or you can spend a little. The more money you spend the more creative you can make your displays, but I have found that by the time you have purchased everything you need for just one show you have spent a TON. I like to get my jewelry displays from JewelrySupply.com. They have affordable acrylic or metal rotating stands. My favorite is the Revolving Earring Rack (48prs).

It is tall and skinny, and I think allows you to display just enough pieces. I for one do not like the displays that hold a million earrings. I think its too much for the eye to take in all at once. If you get the taller skinnier displays you will be able to organize like items or prices more easily.

However, if you need a more crafty approach handmade artisans on Etsy have some really great alternatives. Here is one of my favorites.

This custom piece is made by http://www.TimothyAdamDesigns.etsy.com.
If that one is a little too pricy for you Etsy have more afforable and still really creative stands. Here is another one that is really neat.

You can find this stand at www.claudinescloset.etsy.com

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