Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beaded Jewelry | Time for Summer and Animal Earrings

Yep that is right! Summer is approaching so that means you need to stock up on some adorable handmade animal earrings, beaded jewelry. If you haven't stopped by my etsy store yet you need to stop by and check out these adorable sterling silver animal earrings. Here are some that I have ready for purchase at

Crab earrings:

Pig earrings:

Panda earrings:

Owl earrings:

Lobster earrings:

Blow Fish Earrings:

Glow in the Dark Sheep Earrings:

Goldfish earrings:

Elephant earrings:

Cow earrings:

Ninja cat earrings:

Nemo earrings:

Glow in the Dark Monkey earrings:

Stop in to my shop to checkout all the rest of my handmade beaded jewelry items.


Blair said...

I want of each. SO CUTE.

Wandering Thoughts said...

I am a total sucker for holiday earrings and accessories! Last Halloween I found glow in the dark earrings that were skeletons. Now I'm obsessed with little Christmas earrings. I like your reindeer ones for Christmas and the owl ones for all the time! and I'm with Blair, I want one of EACH!