Saturday, November 22, 2008

Introducing ZEMPHIRA...another Owl Member

As you know I've been slowly (very slowly) introducing the members of the Etsy Owls. This time I'm introducing Zemphira....

Zemphira's shop is super fun and UNIQUE. I actually just had Zemphira custom make me an Owl Tree Topper. I'm super excited about it. The fun thing about it is its also a puppet!!!! Not to mention he is super cute. Here he; is isn't he cuuuuuuutttttte?

If you are in love with this adorable tree topper you can buy one too!!!! She has one more left (w/ this pattern). I'm sure she would make more :).

What I like most about Zemphira's store is her selection of things made out of the cutest fabric you have ever seen... Like this really cool apron!!!

Seriously, I think everyone needs to stop by Zemphira's shop and check her items out. They are the coolest!!!!