Friday, October 24, 2008

Next up Etsy Owl AmyPanda

I'm happy to introduce to you...Ms. AmyPanda!!!! Amypanda is an EtsyOwl. I love visiting her shop because it makes me smile. Her pictures are so hilarious. She has these adorable little stuffie badges and then in her pics she has these little people next to them! They are so funny! I love them. They look like some crazy art you would find in an offthewall gallery.

Amy does a great job because once you see her pictures you will know it when you come across it again, whether its in a treasury, ad, or gift guide, you will know its made by AmyPanda.

She also did some amazing custom work for me. She was super nice and really great to work with on creating a new product. She made me 2 adorable (extremely well made) ornaments! Here they are...

Thank you AmyPanda for making me smile!!!

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stripeymonkey :) said...

amys photos are sooooo cool! and i love the little rocket she made you :)