Monday, July 06, 2009

Meet LoveAlisa!

There is a quite and serene place that I like to visit and that place is LoveAlisa's shop. Alisa creates the most beautiful clutches I have ever seen. She is very talented at mixing unique prints and colors to create chic fantastic looking clutches.

She also designs beautiful handmade jewelry. She uses a mix of metals and vintage beads to create earrings like these...

She not only designs gorgeous clutches and jewelry but also makes these really cute and unique bookmarks!

Please visit Alisa's shop. You will be have a lot of fun and will be amazed at how many wonderful items and beaded jewelry she has.


J-Mi said...

My scarf designs look up to Alisa's clutch color choices. I just love her mix of prints with a bold, bright accent color.

I *will* have me a LoveAlisa clutch for sure!

IckyDogCreations said...

I love her clutches! They're so darn cute and affordable too!