Monday, June 30, 2008

Free Documents - Price List

The first document is a new thing I am trying out at farmers market. I have long found out that printing off prices and attaching them directly to my earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that once you stick them on there they are SUPER hard to remove. So now I'm trying a new idea. I have created a few price sheets. The price sheets have my list of prices with a corresponding sticker that tells you what price an item is. I am using colorful stars. I think they are alot of fun for me and the customer. Plus, if they buy my crafts as a gift they can leave the star on there and the receiver will have no idea how much the item costs. Here is the download for the price sheet. You can download the word version (editable), or the pdf version (non editable). I will also attach pictures of my final product. But, the first step is to download the sheet, type in your prices, and print!

You can download this in word or as a pdf:

Read this document on Scribd: changeable pricelist

The second step is to pick out some crazy cool scrapbooking paper.

The third step is to use glue, or tape to attach your printed out list to your scrapbooking paper, stick on your stickers, and then laminate. You can take it to an office supply store, or just buy the self-laminating papers (that is what I did). It was super easy. Here is a picture of my finished product.

Don't forget to attach the stickers to your product!!!


Anonymous said...

Holly, it's so kind of you to make this material available to others! Thanks for sharing!

Beth262 said...

This is excellent. I'm going to print off the log. Thank you so much. I'm terrible with the business side of my jewelry business.

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I LOVE YOU said...